Social Seeds is a unique 32 week social skills program that recognizes the global needs of children and utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to improve the social and emotional skills of the learner.  The program has been carefully designed by a range of professionals in order to create sequential learning experiences that reinforce practical social skills that can be used in everyday life.

Special Education Teachers have worked in conjunction with Psychologists, Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to design and refine carefully planned lessons that continually build core social skills.

Psychologists offer pre and post testing of core social skills, taking into account the child’s performance in the home and school environment. These test results drive the learning focus and offer parents valuable information about areas of strength and weakness. Along with the Special Education Teacher, the Psychologist will also follow the child’s journey throughout the program, both professionals offering support, guidance and insight on the child’s progress and how the parents can help at home.

Speech Pathologists ensure lessons are ordered sequentially to ensure optimal expressive, receptive and pragmatic language development. Occupational Therapists carefully survey the learning environment and take into account the complex sensory needs of the participants. Decreasing the impact of sensory seeking behaviors maximize the child’s ability to concentrate and learn during sessions. Occupational Therapists also provide the teacher advice on seating arrangements and equipment. iPAD apps have been carefully selected and increase in complexity as the sessions progress.

Social Seeds is comprised of four key areas: Non-Verbal Skills, Conversations, Friendship and Conflict Resolution.

Parents receive weekly updates on their children’s progress via an individual student portfolio, complete with information about lesson content, student performance and topics to discuss at home. The Psychologist administers a pre-test at the start of each semester in relation to the learning focus, and a post test at the end to measure progress. Pre and post tests are completed by the parents and classroom teacher. The Special Education Teacher works closely with the Psychologist to interpret results and discuss appropriate approaches to ensure maximum improvement is achieved. The Special Education Teacher also provides a detailed comment on the student’s performance at the end of each semester to accompany the pre and post test results and Psychologist’s recommendations.